Vehicle Management System

I was part of a small team, hired to perform exploratory research and to design a product in the vehicle management space. The main areas of focus were in safety, vehicle allocation, vehicle maintenance, and operations. The ecosystem consisted of a desktop app, mobile app, and an onboard vehicle computer.

We were tasked to find a solution for companies working with a wide array of warehouse type vehicles in environments as diverse as airports, oil fields, and warehouses. Some key challenges to consider were rapidly changing temperatures, drastic light fluctuation, gloved fingers with touchscreen devices, and high-noise environments.


I was assigned to one of two teams that traveled around the United States and conducted field research in a wide range of warehouse environments.


The research teams converged and we synthesized our findings.

We determined that there were six primary personas:

  1. The Logistics Executive
  2. The Operations Manager
  3. The Floor Supervisor
  4. The Safety Manager
  5. The Maintenance Lead
  6. The Operator

Wireframe sample.

Prior to UI design, I created stylescapes to share with the client. We talked about the rationale behind each approach.

Honeywell Person

Desktop UI sample.

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