The Skyward platform connects all the people, projects, and equipment involved in your drone program into one efficient workflow. Companies and fleet operators configure Skyward to meet their business requirements in order to scale faster and easily manage complex processes.

At Skyward I led all design efforts, including the company website and the SAAS product platform. Integrating with front-end, back-end, and geospatial agile development teams, I conducted user research, assisted with product vision and organized that vision into a roadmap that was further prioritized into MVP sprints.

A key challenge was the visual integration of the nascent unmanned aerial vehicle industry, with established manned flight infrastructures in international jurisdictions while adhering to emerging regulations.

When I was asked to join Skyward we were five people with an idea. By the time I left, we had forged partnerships with drone operations companies from around the world, top UAV hardware and software companies and NASA. Skyward was recently acquired by Verizon.


We interviewed the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands, and conducted field research with Airvu, an early client of ours, in the Cayman Islands. Thanks to Skyward, Airvu is the first business to be approved for commercial unmanned aircraft operations in the Cayman Islands. They continue to use Skyward as their business rapidly expands.

Architecture 1

Based on our research, we determined the primary users and their needs. From there I designed the information Architecture.

Architecture 2

Information Architecture sample.

workflow 1

User flow diagram sample.

Wireframes 1

With the user flows validated, I moved into wireframes, defining the app’s framework and interaction model.


Wireframes sample.

Geospatial mobile prototype for iOS. Abbreviated sign in – select operation.

Unmanned airspace rapid prototype for desktop.

Low-fidelity manual flight logging rapid prototypes to help communicate concepts to executive stakeholders.

Operations overview

Throughout the visual design process, I remained tightly integrated with the development teams, keeping focused on my current design sprint while remaining available to pair with them during their current development sprint.

Aircraft detail

Visual design sample.

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